Volgende week donderdag op controle bij Dr Claessens.

Na die controle mogen we overgaan op vastere voeding en zullen mijn darmen ook weer wat actiever gaan worden, want moest wat dulcolax druppels nemen voor mijn stoelgangdulcolax

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  1. Gabriele says:

    This is me all the way. One of the reasons I enjoy drivnig long distances is that it allows me to daydream to my heart””s content. My 3 kids all went to college in NYC and I was fond of drivnig 15 hours straight to go visit them. In fact, this is what led to my interest in meditation and eventually Yoga, as I described in this comment on another blog awhile back:Driving is what introduced me to extended meditation. I used to love drivnig to NYC from Milwaukee in one day. I found my mind going to places it never went otherwise. I started to just sit and see what my mind would do if I just watched it. Then I tried to see where I could take it if I tried to gently guide it. Etc.Eventually I realized I had happened upon advanced meditation. I started to read stuff, and that eventually led me to Yoga.On a short drive in the city one can””t let one””s mind wander so much without being dangerous. But I still find it quite easy to plug into a delicious meditative state while drivnig anywhere. Often it””s just what I call “task meditaion”, which is full concentration on the process and sensation of drivnig itself–total relaxed focus on the task itself. This not only makes for extremely safe drivnig, but effortlessly puts me in a wonderful state of mind as well.Now you might ask, Isn””t focused meditation the opposite of daydreaming? The answer is for me is no, they are closely related. First of all, I consider daydreaming itself to be a type of meditation, even though that””s a little unorthodox. But I think any paying attention to what””s going on inside your mind to be a type of meditation.But beyond that there is the less obvious but powerful impact that highly focused meditation has on our daydreaming. When I do more standard single-pointed meditation for awhile it clears out my brain so that I have different daydreams than I would have otherwise.This is similar to the effect of Yogic sense withdrawal. If you close your eyes for a few moments, then open them, all the colors and shapes you see are more vivid.In the same way, the single pointed concentration of the Yoga Sutra makes my daydreams more vivid.Bob Weisenberg